Patch Notes

Version: 0.10.0


New Features

Added a Kings of War algorithm. Only undead available currently

Version: 0.9.1


Bug Fixes

Version: 0.9.0


New Features

Daemons of Chaos are now available

Vampire Counts are now available

Version: 0.8.1


Bug Fixes

New Bug

Masters can't take a Battle Standard

Version: 0.8.0


New Features

Dwarfs have now been added. The runes were quite a complicated process as there are quite a few rules associated with them that is pretty easy for a human to understand, but for an algorithm, it quite a bit harder.

The Dwarfs will still suffer from any general problems associated with the other armies (e.g., I am not sure if units will take magic standards yet). But for the most part it should be good. As it is difficult to test things with certainty in a random environment, please let me know if you find any problems using the feedback button at the top of the page.

Bug Fixes

I believe that I have fixed the bug where Warriors of Chaos can receive more than 1 mark.

Version: 0.7.6


Visual update to include patch notes (what you are reading).

Also includes a feature to display the total number of unique armies is displayed to the users.

There are still quite a few issues with the system. I am working on trying to fix them. If you notice something funny or completely wrong, feel free to leave feedback using the button in the top right corner of the page.